Sometimes things go better than you plan.  Sometimes people blow you away.  This year’s Pink Party was such an event where we had such an unexpected turnout and the generosity of the attendees and sponsors exceeded our wildest fantasies.
Some say that you can count your blessings by the quality of the friends you have surrounded yourself with.  When we looked around the room at the El Caribe, you can see that we are a truly blessed community that cares about others.  The room was beautifully decorated with an abundance of 250+ gifts and beautiful faces throughout.  The whole event touched so many people in so many different ways, that I must say that I am so very proud of my mom Pat Reinhardt who spearheaded this event along with my sister Ann MacBride, Josie Liascas, Maryann Arbia and the entire Fillmore Cares committee.  Can you imagine the effort and the amount of time that was put into this…you wouldn’t believe it! Months upon months of collecting, selling, assembling, ordering, and coordinating to get the job done.  Now, this is now anyone’s full time job but I tell you it was a top shelf production.  It seemed that people came, had a nice evening and went home happy.  Many people are already saying that they’ll be back next year.

We are already speaking to the El Caribe about a repeat of what we had this year, but we have a hunch that the word is going to spread and we are going to be challenged for space once again.

Thanks for an outstanding job in being part of Fillmore Cares Pink Party.  We’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars while having laughs, fun and celebrating life together.

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