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Fillmore Pink Party Raffle to New Orleans

new orleans raffle

Here’s a way you can help to be part of Pat’s Pink Party!  Even if you can’t make it to the evening festivities, you can help support the cause and have a chance to win a great trip to New Orleans!

Help Out TODAY by getting your raffle tickets at any Fillmore office or by reaching out to someone on the Pink Party Committee.

You can also call our HQ office at 718-907-1149

This is a great chance to stay in New Orleans …right on Burbon Street where all the fun begins.

Please help our cause and have a chance to getaway on a most special trip to the BIG EASY!


Raffle Tickets are Only $20 each

6 for $100

Say Something Nice…


This year, we have a ONE TIME Souvenir Tribute Journal to honor the memory of Pat Reinhardt.  Now will be your chance to say something nice and impactful as to how Pat has affected your life.  There have been so many people who wanted to leave a note in her honor.  Here is the place to do so.

From only $20 donation, you can say something and it will be forever memorialized in the special Memorial Tribute Journal.  You can use this opportunity to showcase your business or special memory in this journal.  Perhaps others are struggling and you would like to encourage them through a kind word or gesture.

Local businesses will get a copy of this journal.  Those in attendance will also have the ability to pick up a copy at the event.
The journal is a strong indication that the people in it are community minded and supportive.
I believe that it’s going to be like the PINK PAGES DIRECTORY.
I would choose to do business with someone who cares and gives back…wouldn’t you!

tribute journal.fw

Thanks for considering to be a part of this limited edition and most cherished journal.

Thank You!

Fillmore Cares Breast Cancer Event Renamed “Pats Pink Party”

The Fillmore Pink Party will now be called Pat’s Pink Party in honor of our founder Pat Reinhardt who passed away from breast cancer on May 26th, 2015.  Pat founded this wonderful event 8 years ago when she saw it as a worthy cause to help her friends and other women out who were stricken by this horrible disease.  Little did Pat know, that she would suffer from this same disease a few years ago.
Pat has lead her live as a strong leader and never quit.  She always encouraged others facing challenges to keep on fighting and to live life to it’s fullest.
“When you die, it doesn’t mean that you lose to cancer.  You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.” Stuart Scott

quotePat has beat cancer because she lived life each day.  She traveled and spent time with family, and most of all she dedicated a tremendous portion of her time and energy helping others.  Pat spent most of her time raising funds for the PINK PARTY.  She was either gathering gifts, asking for help from her friends and family or constantly thinking of items that she saw on TV or in a magazine that might be a good item for the raffles.
It is for Pat’s dedication, leadership and love that we have renamed the event in her honor.

In order to make this years event a most special tribute, it will take a lot of work from a lot of people.  It will never be the same again without Pat, but we MUST carry on in her honor.  We must make this event something that she will continue to be proud of.

Anyone who would like to be part of the Pat’s Pink Party Committee is asked to join us for our first meeting, which will take place on the one month anniversary of Pat’s passing.
June 26th at 12 Noon
Fillmore Headquarters

Your assistance and ideas are appreciated and welcomed.If you can’t make this event, please let us know your thoughts by calling our chairperson Ann MacBride at 718-907-1149 or by emailing:


We’re Tickled PINK to have you back with us to FIGHT Breast Cancer!

Thanks for visiting the Fillmore Cares site to learn about our upcoming Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

It’s hard to believe that this is our 8th annual event already.  It has been a pleasure watching it grow over the years to become one of the most successful events of it’s kind in the entire borough.  Neighbors, friends and businesses all seem to find it easy to rally behind a great cause, and it’s proof as we have broken all records last year and raised $28,000 that was distributed to Brooklyn based organizations that help through education and research.  To date we have raised over 80,000 and this year we are shooting to bring it over $100K.

This year, we are looking to find some more local beneficiaries of the funds that we raise and we will considering giving a local award out to a deserving nominee that comes from within our community.  If we can make a major difference in someone’s life that’s challenged with this disease, it would make us all feel great.

Now to the details:
The event is being held at the amazing El Caribe Catering Hall on Strickland Avenue in Brooklyn.  The date is set for Thursday, October 23rd at 7PM.There will be a dinner, an amazing raffle night with hundreds of amazing gifts and a Chinese auction.  There will also be a few added surprises this year to help make the event even more special to attend and more rewarding as we feel great about helping the cause.

Tickets are only $75.00 and is what some consider to be the BEST BARGAIN VALUE IN TOWN!

Buy Tickets To the Event – Get a Table!
Become a major corporate or personal sponsor with sponsorships available from 500 – 5,000
Collect some prizes for the baskets from your favorite stores and restaurants.  Gift Certificates seem to be popular!

If you enjoyed the event in the past, please tell everyone.
If you have never attended before, speak to someone who has and you’ll be assured that it’s an amazing evening.

If you would like to participate on our committee, please let us know.
Contact Ann MacBride at 917-375-2264

Thank You for considering to be a part of our 8th Annual Pink Party!

We’re Tickled PINK!
The Pink Party Committee

2014 Raffle

Fillmore Cruise Raffle

Fillmore Cruise Raffle

Norwegian Cruise Line was kind and generous enough to once again donate an amazing cruise for two out of NEW YORK!  You will receive a great OCEANVIEW STATEROOM on your choice of the many available cruises from our area.
Raffle chances are only $20 Each or 6 for $100 and can be purchased from anyone on the Fillmore Cares team or at any of the Fillmore Real Estate branch locations throughout the Brooklyn area.

The Fillmore Cares Support team will also have tickets available for sale from October 1st through the 15th.  Our main supporters (in formation) are:
Continental Home Loans
Fillmore Insurance Agency
General Moving Carriers
Roman Roofing
Investors Bank
Our Preferred Attorney List is also in formation:
Of Course: Bill Reinhardt Jr., Micheal Reinhardt Esquire
Anthony Carone, Bob Kane, MORE EACH DAY!

Fillmore Pink Party – We’re Tickled Pink

Sometimes things go better than you plan.  Sometimes people blow you away.  This year’s Pink Party was such an event where we had such an unexpected turnout and the generosity of the attendees and sponsors exceeded our wildest fantasies.
Some say that you can count your blessings by the quality of the friends you have surrounded yourself with.  When we looked around the room at the El Caribe, you can see that we are a truly blessed community that cares about others.  The room was beautifully decorated with an abundance of 250+ gifts and beautiful faces throughout.  The whole event touched so many people in so many different ways, that I must say that I am so very proud of my mom Pat Reinhardt who spearheaded this event along with my sister Ann MacBride, Josie Liascas, Maryann Arbia and the entire Fillmore Cares committee.  Can you imagine the effort and the amount of time that was put into this…you wouldn’t believe it! Months upon months of collecting, selling, assembling, ordering, and coordinating to get the job done.  Now, this is now anyone’s full time job but I tell you it was a top shelf production.  It seemed that people came, had a nice evening and went home happy.  Many people are already saying that they’ll be back next year.

We are already speaking to the El Caribe about a repeat of what we had this year, but we have a hunch that the word is going to spread and we are going to be challenged for space once again.

Thanks for an outstanding job in being part of Fillmore Cares Pink Party.  We’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars while having laughs, fun and celebrating life together.

Kings Plaza and Macerich Join Major Event Underwriters for Pink Party

Kings Plaza is now under new ownership, and the new company is Macerich.  Macerich has a track record of getting involved with the community and becoming an integral part of the activities around town.  Macerich’s immediate willingness to get behind our Fillmore Cares Pink Party is proof that they mean business.

The ideas that this new group has for Kings Plaza is exciting, and the fact that they are listening to our needs and concerns is something that is welcomed and appreciated.

Watch for great new things to happen in the neighborhood and we would like to welcome Macerich and Kings Plaza as a major supporter for this year’s Pink Party.

Thank You
The Fillmore Cares Team!


Fillmore Pink Party Breaks All Records

As of this writing, the attendance for the Fillmore Pink Party is now over 350!  The most we ever had at the previous events was around 220 which was the previous venue’s capacity.  The decision to move to a new place was a tough one, but as you have proven to us, it is a necessary one that has taken this event to the next level.  The efforts of all involved has been over the top as we’re truly getting better at this with each year’s experience and as our friends of the Pink Party grow year after year.  It’s the type of event that once you go to it, you’ll want to come back.

This year’s attendees will be entertained with some special music by Francesca as we walk around the room selecting which of the 250+ gift baskets to choose from.  The decision is going to be a tough one, as you will discover that there is a basket for everyone’s taste.  “I think they thought of everyone,” claims event chairperson Pat Reinhardt, “there are baskets for just about every season, holiday, hobby, and things that will entertain you like spa’s, restaurants, and trips!”

We are excited that there are more prizes and more attendees, but most of all we are proud to be raising more money to help in our fight against breast cancer!
Get ready for a great night, with great people…for a great cause!