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Tickets are GOING FAST…HURRY and Get Yours NOW

We’re expecting another PACKED CAPACITY event this year and we don’t want YOU to be left out.
If you’re planning on coming to the Pink Party, then consider getting your tickets early. Based on early sales commitments, we are almost half way to sellout in the first week.
If you want us to hold a table for you, please reserve your table and we’ll hold it up until 2 weeks before the event without payment.

To reserve your seats or tables or better yet to buy your tickets…
Call the PINKLINE today: 917-375-2264

We look forward to seeing you at one of the most exciting events of the year!Pink Party Admission Ticket 2017.fw


The TENTH ANNUAL Fillmore Cares – Breast Cancer Fundraiser

It’s hard to believe that TEN YEARS have passed since the first Fillmore Cares breast cancer fundraiser was created at the Hudson River Yacht Club.  Nearly 75 people were in attendance in this most exciting room and we knew that we were on to something special.  Before you knew it, we outgrew the space there with over 175 attendees and we had to move to another venue.  The El Caribe graciously hosted our event for the past few years now and we are so grateful that they did.  You couldn’t ask for better people to work with than the team at the El Caribe.  Every year since we have moved the event, we’ve doubled the old attendance record.

This year, we’re looking to break all records and hit over 400 people at what is expected to be a SOLD OUT event.  Some of the exciting things that we’re going to be doing at this event is to support the only breast cancer center in Brooklyn: Maimonides Breast Cancer Center.

We will be hearing from the renowned Dr. Patrick Borgen at the Pink Party, where he will tell you of the latest advancements and ways that his amazing center is helping our community.
We look forward to working together to make this event something truly special as we celebrate 10 Years of Service!

Please get your tickets early as we believe that this event will sell out!
Call Ann MacBride for more details: 718-907-1149

pinkparty tickets available.fw

Say Something Nice…


This year, we have a ONE TIME Souvenir Tribute Journal to honor the memory of Pat Reinhardt.  Now will be your chance to say something nice and impactful as to how Pat has affected your life.  There have been so many people who wanted to leave a note in her honor.  Here is the place to do so.

From only $20 donation, you can say something and it will be forever memorialized in the special Memorial Tribute Journal.  You can use this opportunity to showcase your business or special memory in this journal.  Perhaps others are struggling and you would like to encourage them through a kind word or gesture.

Local businesses will get a copy of this journal.  Those in attendance will also have the ability to pick up a copy at the event.
The journal is a strong indication that the people in it are community minded and supportive.
I believe that it’s going to be like the PINK PAGES DIRECTORY.
I would choose to do business with someone who cares and gives back…wouldn’t you!

tribute journal.fw

Thanks for considering to be a part of this limited edition and most cherished journal.

Thank You!

Burger for A Cure! EAT the NUMBER 1 NYC Burger and Benefit Fillmore Cares and Pat’s Pink Party

OVER $750




That’s right…for one day only,  NYC’s BEST BURGER stopped by Fillmore Real Estate at 2990 Avenue U, where people lined up to taste the award winning burger.
9-22-2015 3-26-48 PM

The special event was held this Friday, September 25th from 11:30AM until 4:00 PM.
Proceeds from this special event will benefit Fillmore Cares and Pat’s Pink Party.

“We are very fortunate to have celebrity chef Andrew Zurica come by and donate his time and services for this event,” states Fillmore CEO John Reinhardt, ” The burgers are my personal favorites and we think that people really enjoy them.”  What makes the burgers even better is the fact that the proceeds from the day will benefit a worthy cause.9-22-2015 3-27-37 PM

Pat Reinhardt is the founder of Fillmore Cares Pink Party, and this year she lost her battle to breast cancer.  The extra effort around this years event; which will be held on October 22nd at the El Caribe is touching and a tribute to her memory.  One of Pat’s favorite burgers; by the way, was Andrew’s burgers!

Thanks for stopping by:

Fillmore Real Estate Headquarters:
2990 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229

For more information about Hard Times Sundaes you can go to their website:

9-22-2015 3-28-27 PM


Yard Sale for a Cure! Fillmore Cares is having a HUGE Yard Sale on September 20th

yardsale items needed.fwHey friends..we’re having a huge yard sale at Fillmore HQ and need some items to sell. I know that I feel better getting rid of some stuff when I know that it’s going to help a good cause.
Please take a few minutes to clean your garage or basement and find some items that may fetch some good loot at our yard sale. You’ll FEEL GOOD about it. You know there are some things you always wanted to get rid of but just couldn’t…well, here’s your push!!! How about that treadmill, bicycle, or other great things that you thought you would use, but are just taking up space and collecting dust??? Let’s get rid of them NOW and help the cause!
If you can drop items off at a Fillmore Office…great. If you need help getting items from your home, we have some volunteers that may be able to come by.
Please share this post NOW (That’s right..right NOW!) and help us to spread this message and put the power of our  friendships to work! THANKS!!

Pats Pink Party Organizational Meeting to be held one month after Pat Reinhardts passing

FillmoreCares is having the first organizational meeting for Pat’s Pink Party on June 26th, 2015 at Fillmore Real Estate Headquarters located at 2990 Avenue U in Brooklyn, NY.
The meeting will begin promptly at 12 Noon and will last until 1:30, and Pizza will be served during the meeting.
“The purpose of this meeting,”stated John Reinhardt, “is to gather as many ideas as possible from people who have been involved in fundraising events in order to create the foundation for a most successful event in honor of Pat!”
Everyone who cares is invited to attend and share their thoughts and ideas for the event.  Some of the issues that will be discussed will be:
1) Confirmation of tentative date – October 22nd, 2015 and venue El Caribe
2) Brainstorm about the format of the event – Raffle Night or Entertainment, or both or perhaps something different. This should be interesting.
3) Set Goals for the number of prizes in each category, and review categories and prizes from last year to determine what worked best and what we could do without.
4) Think of HOT ITEMS from other raffles to get for our event.  Is it still iPads, computers, and TV’s or is there something else out there?
5) Create committees to handle different tasks of the event.
-Gift Certificates – Go and get certificates from each and every restaurant possible
-Small Gifts and Prizes – Get the word out to collect NEW gifts from our friends and sphere
-Major Gifts – Identify what major gifts we would like and then try to get a sponsor to support each major gift
-Corporate Contributions and Sponsorships – Sometimes we can get major cash contributions that help to underwrite the event, the booze at the event, or the entertainment.
-Entertainment/Program – Decides what type of music, should there be dancing like a party or just raffles.  What games should be included in the evening program.
-Wrapping Committee – Creates a team that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.  This team will also be responsible for collecting gifts and grouping them into baskets.
-Marketing and Advertising– If you’re creative and have experience here, we could use your help.  We would like to add a public relations and social media aspect this year to grow the event.
6) Try to orchestrate committee meetings and select committee chairpersons.
7) Think of other people that we would like to ask to assist us on the PINK TEAM or on a committee.  Let’s take a moment to think of the great talent in the area.
8) Create a community liaison list that consists of leaders in each of the major organizations in the area.  Let’s get schools, community boards, clubs and other organizations to step up.
9) The Vision: Summarize what we think the event will look like after the influence of the attendees of the organizational meeting and create to do list so we can solidify by next meeting.
10) When should next meeting be?

There will be an opportunity for those who cannot make this meeting to attend future meetings; but, if you can make a meeting..this one would be the most important.
Thank you for considering to be a part of our effort in honoring Pat and making this years Pink Party the best one ever!
patspinkpartyorganizational meeting.fw


We’re Tickled PINK to have you back with us to FIGHT Breast Cancer!

Thanks for visiting the Fillmore Cares site to learn about our upcoming Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

It’s hard to believe that this is our 8th annual event already.  It has been a pleasure watching it grow over the years to become one of the most successful events of it’s kind in the entire borough.  Neighbors, friends and businesses all seem to find it easy to rally behind a great cause, and it’s proof as we have broken all records last year and raised $28,000 that was distributed to Brooklyn based organizations that help through education and research.  To date we have raised over 80,000 and this year we are shooting to bring it over $100K.

This year, we are looking to find some more local beneficiaries of the funds that we raise and we will considering giving a local award out to a deserving nominee that comes from within our community.  If we can make a major difference in someone’s life that’s challenged with this disease, it would make us all feel great.

Now to the details:
The event is being held at the amazing El Caribe Catering Hall on Strickland Avenue in Brooklyn.  The date is set for Thursday, October 23rd at 7PM.There will be a dinner, an amazing raffle night with hundreds of amazing gifts and a Chinese auction.  There will also be a few added surprises this year to help make the event even more special to attend and more rewarding as we feel great about helping the cause.

Tickets are only $75.00 and is what some consider to be the BEST BARGAIN VALUE IN TOWN!

Buy Tickets To the Event – Get a Table!
Become a major corporate or personal sponsor with sponsorships available from 500 – 5,000
Collect some prizes for the baskets from your favorite stores and restaurants.  Gift Certificates seem to be popular!

If you enjoyed the event in the past, please tell everyone.
If you have never attended before, speak to someone who has and you’ll be assured that it’s an amazing evening.

If you would like to participate on our committee, please let us know.
Contact Ann MacBride at 917-375-2264

Thank You for considering to be a part of our 8th Annual Pink Party!

We’re Tickled PINK!
The Pink Party Committee